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We carry out a wide floor range of customized system solutions from Flowcrete, which is our supplier - and give each customer, small and large, a unique service.

Flowcrete's modern floor coverings for industries and public environments are so much more than just floors. The floors are part of complete systems where aesthetics, function and durability are in focus and are important factors for the whole.

The floors are jointless and therefore easy to clean, which makes them well suited for environments with high hygiene requirements. The properties of the floors provide a solution that, in addition to being functional, is also very economical.

You, our customers, set the requirements and by adapting the thermosetting plastic's properties, we develop and deliver a solution to the needs. It may be about industrial floors that require high resistance to chemicals and that can withstand very high loads.

But it can also be about floor coverings for public environments or shop floors where you want a harmonized coloring and special surface structures. The floor covering fits very well in the small and large garage for the car workshop.

You are welcome to contact us for advice and more information!

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